Rich Dating

Dating Outside Your Income Level With The Poverty Line VS The Professional


So you’re either a broke spinster looking for a rich guy to sweep you off your feet and out of the poverty line or a cashed up gal looking to keep the money in the family…

The Broke Spinster Looking To Get Lucky

Finding cashed up single men and women can be hard in normal day to day life…

Quite guy next door

Like good luck to you if your out hunting for a rich guy. They are exclusive and they are few and far between.

In fact a real rich guy (a guy with many personal assets) could be and usually is the quite guy next door living in a modest house with a normal car. It’s the flashy black guy with the spinning rims and gold teeth you have got to watch out for.

Being rich is about being smart about your money and if you get lucky and stumble across this humble wealthy man or women then all the power to you.

VIP singles

However the reality will soon kick in that most men are NOT great with their money and have big debt rather than big assets.

Dating rich is about being in the right place at the right time. Rich dating online is a way to break through the red tape and status of the real world catch yourself a real man.

Of course I am making some gross generalisations about your personal finances

The Cashed Up But Lonely Professional

VIP singles is a dating sites that understands non-professionals can be an unattractive dating proposition and online dating is not so great at filtering this static away.

VIP singles has created a site that (for a price) allows you to get in contact with a certain financial range.

You specify your own annual income and vip singles hooks you up with local personal dating providers in your area. It’s a very exclusive and private affair.

Wealthy and rich dating

Don’t expect to land a millionaire by using VIPs ingles but what you can do is date a professional. We are talking about finding doctors lawyers and accountants online that want to date.

You bring your wild and amazing personality and they bring their professional side. Vip singles makes sure that your up to scratch of course… a part of dating the elite means that you much past some initial tests.

If you earn less than 40K you might not be paired up with a 100K+ bachelor but would you be happy with a mid 60K professional? I think so…

In the end singles only really want someone to love and to be loved – money only becomes a problem when you don’t have any. When you don’t have enough to fill up the car with gas it sure can put a dampener on your spirits.

Wealthy and rich dating is not about the money – it’s about what the money means. It means that the singles you date will be goal orientated positive forward thinking singles. It wont be a sleazy personals site – it will be an authentic experience that allows like minded career focused gals and guys to chat over lunch.


All you do is sign up, tell the kind of person you are and who your looking for and the dating agency does the rest.

No time spent browsing and searching through personal ads and getting no responses at the end of it. Nope VIP singles is all about results, because when you pay for results you expect that dates will be organised, on time and to your specifications.

You specify the age range, interests, income levels, race etc and the local dating staff look through your local directory of elite professionals and pair you up individually. Real matching done by real human beings is what makes vip singles worth it.

Of course it depends on the quality of your local directory – if you live in LA, NY or LONDON then there will never be any shortage of personals to choose from.

If you live in a small town I would not recommend using vip singles to date outside (or inside) your income level.